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Cade Republic Designs In a Holistic Way

Vanessa Price, owner of Cade Republic Design Consulting & Studio in downtown Edom, returned to the Upper East Side of Texas recently after almost a year in Hawaii filming Aloha Builds for HGTV/DIY Network.
December 23, 2018

Mid-Century Style Makes Its Way Back Home

As demand continues to grow for purchasing mid-century homes in East Texas, so does the desire to decorate and renovate them appropriate to that era.
July 1, 2016

Enjoy the Outdoors All Year Long with Enclosure System

Homeowners can now comfortably enjoy the outdoors all year long regardless of the weather forecast, thanks to advances in enclosure systems.
April 27, 2016

Cracked Foundation

The erratic Texas weather can wreak havoc on home foundations. All homes settle and adjust with time, so it is not uncommon for a foundation to develop minor cracks which do not necessarily need repair.
May 2, 2015

Make A Plan

As a construction contractor, I’ve lost track of the amount of times I’ve been called in to get a derailed “Do it yourself” project back on track.
July 27, 2012

Building a Backyard Homestead

It is no secret that rural Cherokee County is quickly becoming one of the premier “bedroom communities” for cities like Houston and Dallas. In fact, due to the housing bubble burst, several communities in the East Texas Region have become surrounded by small tracts of land (5 to 25 acres) owned by individuals that are retired or have careers outside of production agriculture.
June 3, 2011

Living Out Life In The Comfort of Home

One of the sincerest wishes of most of the elderly is to spend their final years at home instead of in an institutionalized setting. Removing barriers and providing just the right help is an important, loving part of fulfilling that wish.
March 1, 2011

Ben Wheeler Installs New Septic Technology

A new water treatment system for Moore’s Store and the adjoining galleries in Ben Wheeler may be a first for The Upper East Side of Texas, using more passive technology to better treat wastewater and to use the high-quality treated water for drip irrigation in the adjoining park land.
February 18, 2010