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Nacogdoches County Archive

Thomas Jefferson Rusk

October 28, 2014

Latte Art is Hot in the Upper East Side of Texas

A steaming latte topped with fluffy foam sits on a coffee shop table. Floating atop the foam is the image of a heart, a latte art masterpiece of the barista’s own creation
October 28, 2014

‘Tis the Season for Home Tours

The holiday season fills the air with laughter and light, while promoting community closeness with rich history and dapper decorations throughout the month of December.
October 28, 2014

Cold in July Captures Lansdelion Feel

“Cold in July,” an adaptation of Nacogdoches author Joe Lansdale’s novel, debuted recently and is currently in select theaters and on Video on Demand.
June 26, 2014

Farmers, Markets and Festivals Bring Plenty of Food and Fun to Guests

Over the past few years the terms “culinary tourism,” “gastronomads,” and “farm to table” are heard often in the Upper East Side of Texas as people continue to embrace the need for fresh produce for better nutrition and tastier food.
May 14, 2014

Meet Kasey Lansdale

When Kasey Lansdale walks into a room, she is almost always the center of attention, not just because of her classical beauty, but for the energy and confidence she carries
April 1, 2012

Author Joe Lansdale Brings Depth and Entertainment to His Readers

Imagine an Egyptian mummy on its way from one museum to another falls off the back of the truck into a chemically-induced swamp in East Texas. The mummy comes to life and begins to quietly knock off residents of a nearby, rural nursing home. Two residents – one of whom claims to be the real Elvis and one who claims to be the real John F. Kennedy – discover the mummy and fight back.
November 1, 2009

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