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Exploring the Best of the Upper East Side of Texas

When Penny Howell and her mother-in-law Judy, both of Ben Wheeler, decided to take a road trip with family and friends, they got out their copy of the January County Line with the 2010 list of the Best of the Upper East Side of Texas to set a course.
June 3, 2011

Reel TIme

Something always happens when I leave dry land and get in a boat. It is not a particularly noticeable transformation but I cease to be worried about the usual stuff that consumes most of us daily.
July 30, 2000

Reel Time

Have you ever heard the saying, “behind every good man there is a good woman”? I want to modify that to,”behind every good fisherman there is a good mom.”
May 24, 2000

Reel Time

Music has been an important part of the outdoor experience ever since early man learned how to hunt and fish successfully. Those early outdoorsmen and women needed some way to celebrate their successes. After all we are talking about a time before Polaroid cameras were invented!
April 22, 2000

Reel Talk

A fisherman can be either male or female as far as I am concerned but still a fisherman. Sorry if I digress from the original topic, which I have yet to make clear. What I want to talk about is taking wives fishing—your own, not someone else’s!
March 24, 2000