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Great Lessons and Discoveries on Living and Aging Well

Lately I have been wrestling with the revelation that I’ll be 65 soon. Sixty-five? Holy cow! Although it’s not all clear yet, I ponder an idea that’s just come to mind — this event gives me brief license to render great lessons and discoveries.
January 1, 2006

A Man Lost

Along the railroad right-of-way near Edgewood stands a lone grave within an iron pipe encloser. The headstone used to read: Farewell Tom Tracey, Killed by Train, March 27, 1889.
February 27, 2002

Keep Wise Judgments

February 22, 2002

Small Town Stores

Necessity took me there. The thrill of discovery, the astonishing finds, and the antiques have continued to bring me back for the last 27 years. Could it be the Salt Mine of Grand Saline, Roseland Plantation or the cemeteries of Van Zandt County that has me so ecstatic? No, it’s Canton’s own Goodwill Store.
February 22, 2002

Our Love

The need to be loved is at the very core of our human existence. Man goes to war for love and dies for love. Unfortunately, we as a country have traded the power of love for the love of power.
February 1, 2000

Putting Children First

Many children expressed a need to be with their parents more often, especially when they arrive home from school.
February 1, 2000

Real Time

Do you ever find yourself thinking about being somewhere without all the noise? A place where you can actually hear yourself think is an all too rare commodity these days.
January 23, 2000

The Anniversary of the VZCT

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary, the VZCT regular season will consist of four Neil Simon shows. The season will include Last of the Red Hot Lovers, Same Time, Prisoner on Second Avenue and I Ought to be in Pictures.
January 23, 2000

A Journey in Life

Hope. Although it is a brief word in the English language, it is at the core of the very survival of the human species. Hope is something we all need to continue the journey of life.
January 23, 2000