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Stormy Sunset

By Jeremy Wilson. The end of the day presents itself over Cedar Creek Lake.
January 15, 2017

Sunset with the Gang

By Debbie Sandlin. "The chance to witness such beauty is truly a blessing. I was not sure I could actually capture what I was seeing." (Taken at Lake o the Pines, Marion County)
January 1, 2017

Holly Berries

By Justine Meccio. "Holly berries (captured in Edom, Texas) always bring to mind the holiday season!"
December 12, 2016

How Tall Is Fall

By Ed Wise. Captured recently on my walk through Daingerfield State Park (near Texarkana).
November 27, 2016

Twilight in Kilgore

By Robyn Roberts Irving. No filters or editing, just God's beautiful artistry on display ... a great backdrop for Kilgore's historic and unique skyline.
November 6, 2016

Tawakoni Sunset

By Ine Burke. "The smooth surface of water brings calmness. The rocks on the foreground offer safe foundation while watching the sun go down. It's just one of those beautiful and peaceful golden hours in East Texas."
October 23, 2016

Mary Allen College

By Carol Stiles. I was driving through the area (Highway 19 in Crockett) and saw this wonderful abandoned building. I learned it is the old Mary Allen College.
October 9, 2016

The Gnarled Tree

By Anna Rhea. This is a horribly small, ugly tree. It stands alone, neglected and ignored on the corner of two main roads in Rains County (comer of FM 2795 and FM 515). I decided to use my filters on my cell to bring back its natural majesty. This picture reflects how I see it.
September 18, 2016

Fade to Black

By Curtis Miller. Taking a friend to his mother's home one night, I saw this highline tower with the moon and Venus visible in the distance. It was really getting dark and I only had my cellphone, but I had to try. The location was somewhere in-between Winnsboro, Mount Pleasant and Mount Vernon in Franklin County.
September 4, 2016

From Around the Bend

By Michelle Cahal. This is an image of the Union Pacific Steam Engine 844 near Winona, TX. Before it came around the bend, still behind the trees. I could see the steam rising above the treetops and feel the rumble of the giant pistons and wheels rolling along the tracks. It was a foreign, but oddly familiar sight. Like somewhere in my short life, I could reach back into another time and see these giant wonders rolling across the countryside.
August 22, 2016

Old House on Highway 11

This B&W photo is of an old house on Highway 11 in Hopkins County. I've been shooting this dilapidated house for many years.
August 1, 2016

Walk on Water

By Eli Acuna. Lesslie Duran of Lindale, Texas, talks a leisurely walk on the shore of Lake Hawkins.
July 18, 2016