Award-Winning Authors Bound for Tyler


The Tyler Public Library is excited to announce that three winners of the Texas Association of Authors Best Book Awards will be visiting the Library in August and September for a meet and greet series.

The Texas Association of Authors is an organization that seeks to promote authors in the state of Texas. The association holds a contest each year to determine the best books of the year in the state. The list contains forty-eight of the top authors in Texas.

The meet and greets will be held in the Taylor Auditorium at the Library. Each event will be from noon to 2 p.m. and participants are encouraged to bring a lunch. Work from each author will be available for purchase at the events.

On Saturday, Aug. 5, Houston-native Van G. Garrett - artist, photographer and poet – will be at the Library promoting his works. He recently won Best African American Poetry for his work 49: Wings and Prayers, a collection of unique, non-rhyming poems in the style of “kwansaba,” an African America version form of praise. Garrett has written children’s books, horror novels, poetry and more.

On Friday, Aug. 18, C.M. Bratton, the second author in this series, will promote her science fiction work. She has received three awards this year—Best Comedy Fiction, Dark Fantasy Series, and Science Fiction—for her works RZA Chronicle Omnibus, The Dragonlord Trilogy, and Depths of Perception. A native of San Antonio, Bratton is a prolific science fiction author with works detailing worlds filled with dragons, zombies, and all the like.

Wrapping up this meet and greet series on Saturday, Sept. 30, author Myra Hargrave McIlvain of Austin will be available for book signings and photos. Recently, she won Best Historical Fiction for her work The Doctor’s Wife. She has previously received this award for her work Stein House, the predecessor to her current novel. McIlvain is a historian, lecturer and author.

For more information about this meet and greet series or any Library program, visit the Library at 201 S. College Ave. in downtown Tyler, call (903) 593-7323 (READ) or go to

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