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Jefferson's Opera House Theatre Players hold their annual membership kickoff partyat 7:30 p.m. September 2 at the Jefferson Playhouse. The Texas Gypsies perform and a wine reception follows.

The event is partly funded by a grant from the Texas Commission on the Arts.

The Texas Gypsies was founded in 2003 by Steve Curry who stumbled across the unique sound of "gypsy jazz" by way
of hearing Django Reinhardt and his band with violinist Stephane Grapelli in films.  He purchased a Gypsy Jazz style guitar and began to learn this style of playing. One day he met an acoustic bass player and together they brought in two other guitar players who played Western Swing songs made famous by Bob Wills.

The group enjoyed jamming at Curry's house for quite a while before he eventually asked if they wanted to become a band and play live shows.  In 2004 they did just that and now have four successful CDs to their credit and have played more than1000 shows all over the USA, Mexico and as far away as Dubai.

Since the beginning,  the group has grown from a four-piece band to a larger bunch that can perform in several styles including jazz, western swing, big band swing, rockabilly, pop and rock and roll.  Their original music  has been in several TV shows, movies and advertisements and they have won awards and were selected by  the Texas and Midwest touring artist rosters. 

The concert is free to those who join, re-new or have already re-newed their membership in the Opera House Theatre Players organization for $25 and up and the public may attend for a donation of that amount as well.  There is limited seating in the Playhouse. Go to to pay by credit card or Paypal or email Information on the event or the season may be obtained by calling 903.665.2310.

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