Uncle Dudley Made Radio History


Ernest "Uncle Dudley" Hackworth

Photo by Mike Hackworth

From inauspicious beginnings, Ernest Hackworth became a radio great -- at least behind the scenes.

Hackworth was born August 22, 1913, in Klondike (Delta County), Texas. He got into the ever expanding "show biz" that was radio broadcasting so popular in that time. His radio career began in Greenville, Texas, in 1931. Soon, he was known far and wide as a beloved radio personality called "Uncle Dudley."

Hackworth switched to working at a Texarkana station in 1942 (where he also served as president of the Junior Chamber of Commerce once).  During those years he is credited with introducing a young Elvis Presley to music promoter Col. Tom Parker. 

Uncle Dudley's unique radio persona and show ran continuously in Texarkana until his death in 1999. He also wrote a column in the newspaper and sold homes under the business name of Uncle Dudley Real Estate.

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