1982 Movie Filmed in Upper East Side of Texas


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The Warner Brothers film, “The Long Summer of George Adams,” was filmed mostly in Nacogdoches County and some in Kaufman County. It starred James Garner and Joan Hackett, and premiered January 18, 1982.

Although the movie is about a railroad yard worker in a small Oklahoma town, it was filmed at the Texas State Railroad in Rusk, Texas. Other filming locations for this movie in the Upper East Side of Texas include Appleby, Douglass, Mabank, Cushing, and Maydell.

The movie is about George Adams, a railroad yard worker in 1952. Adams also works a night shift as a sort of local constable to patrol the small town, for which he earns $40 per month. Everyone likes George and most people get along with him. He lives with his wife and two sons, about 9 and 11 years old, and his wife's sister who will be starting college in the fall. His world is about to change as the railroads retire steam engines in favor of diesels. As George says, this is a year he'll never forget.

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