Bernie revisits East Texas This Thursday


Liberty Hall continues its month of “East Texas Movies” by bringing back the dramatized biopic set in rural East Texas, Bernie, this Thursday, July 13.

Set in the backdrop of Carthage, Texas, and directed by Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confused), Bernie is based on the true story of mortician Bernie Tiede (Jack Black) and his friendship with the wealthy, and incredibly cranky, widow Marjorie Nugent (Shirley MacClaine). The two become an inseparable pair, but when Miss Nugent stops making appearances and Bernie comes into unexpected money, the community begins asking questions and making assumptions.

Bernie is a film that has divided the East Texas Community almost as much as the actual crime and trial. Despite the controversy, it has become a critically-praised film and Jack Black received a Golden Globe nomination for his performance as Tiede.

Tickets are available at Ticket prices are $5 online and $7 at the door. For more information about upcoming events, sponsoring an event or renting The City of Tyler’s Liberty Hall, go, or call Interim Manager John Baggett at (903) 595-7274.

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