Museum Features Field of Dreams Exhibit


“Fields of Dreams,” an exhibition featuring color photographs of ball fields across North America and signed memorabilia from the greatest baseball players of all time, will be on view at the Gregg County Historical Museum July 11 through August 26, 2017.  

The exhibit features an exhibit on loan from The Castellani Art Museum entitled “Fields of Dreams: North American Baseball Stadiums by Photographer Jim Dow”.  

The exhibit features twenty-six panoramic photographs of major North American stadiums and informational panels, including historical stadium facts and baseball arcana. These panoramic photographs evoke nostalgia and a sense of the American scene that is rapidly disappearing in the twenty-first century. Baseball aficionados will fondly recall the glories of Comiskey Park, Yankee Stadium, the Fenway, Candlestick Park and many more. While many of these structures no longer exist, Jim Dow’s photographs remind us that the crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd and the spirit of baseball continue to live in the hearts of fans of all ages. Jim Dow’s work is included in many private and museum collections, and his photographs have appeared in prestigious publications, such as The New York Times and American Photographer. 

Also included in the exhibition are over seventy-five signed bats, baseballs, cards and professional photos from the most significant and greatest players in baseball history.  This portion of the exhibition is on loan from Jack T. Buchanan Family.

For more information go to or call 903.753.5840.

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