Beat the Heat Fan Drive


Please continue to help us Beat the Heat!
The 10th annual Beat the Heat Fan Drive is continuing through June!

The Salvation Army is collecting fans for neighbors in need during the month of June, and you can be a part of the effort! Last weekend we went into the community to collect fans at several locations throughout Tyler. Several people came out to support us and helped us collect enough for 151 fans!!!

While we are excited we are able to help so many people, The Salvation Army sees nearly 50 families a week requesting fans. The hot summer months have just begun and we are still in need of help in aiding those in need. Many in East Texas will not be able to afford the added utility costs of running their air conditioning this summer, creating very vulnerable situations among low-income families and seniors in our community. Though a box fan may not seem like much, it can cool a large room in a house for a fraction of the cost of running the A/C.

East Texas Refrigeration and The Salvation Army will continue to collect box fans throughout the rest of the month at:

East Texas Refrigeration on 4700 Old Troup Hwy, Tyler, TX 75707
The Salvation Army on  633 N Broadway Ave, Tyler, TX 75702

Can't drop off a fan? No problem! Donate on our website or using the button below and the funds go directly to the Beat the Heat Fan Drive

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