Pegasus Project Wins $10K ASPCA Grant


On April 22nd, The Pegasus Project Horse Rescue participated in the national celebration of the ASPCA® (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®) Help A Horse Day and, for the third year in a row, was awarded a $10,000 grant. The Pegasus Project won this grant through its efforts in hosting Wings Over Pegasus, an airplane and equine extravaganza. This annual event is a casual, carnival atmosphere featuring a variety of airplanes, helicopters, skydivers, face-painting, horse-painting, fun horse games, pony rides, arts and crafts, and competitions for the whole family. This year's highlight was a breathtaking, low altitude, high-energy airshow by "The Raptor." 

"The ASPCA Help A Horse Day contest offers a wonderful opportunity for our team to welcome the residents of Northeast Texas onto our ranch to help spread awareness about at-risk horses in our community," said Allyson DeCanio, President of The Pegasus Project. "The day is a celebration of our wonderful rescue horses in need of loving homes. This year's $10,000 grant prize will be used to support our training of the 40 horses currently under our care. We are so grateful to the ASPCA for recognizing our efforts and blessing us with this award."

Because horse neglect, abuse and abandonment in Texas is a prevalent and serious problem, The Pegasus Project's mission is to educate the community about the need for more action. Pegasus was founded in 2009, and over the past eight years has rescued, rehabilitated, retrained and re-homed hundreds of mistreated horses, donkeys, and mules. 

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