Winners Announces for 2017 Hive Painting Contest


First Place winners, David Cormican & Sue Ellen Lare, and “Queen Bee” Marilyn Arnaud

After three weeks of voting at the Winnsboro Farmers’ Market and the Winnsboro Center for the Arts,  the winners of the 2017 Hive Painting Contest were announced on Saturday. First Place winners were David Cormican and Sue Ellen Lare for their collaboration depicting a building covered with “Save the Bees” graffiti. Second place was awarded to Margit Iguchi, and third place to Michelle Himes. All of the artists did an outstanding job in decorating their hives. The painted hives were part of a silent auctioned to benefit the Wood County Beekeepers’ Association in their mission to raise awareness about honey bees and support local beekeepers.

In addition to viewing and voting on the hives, the Wood County Beekeepers’ Association displayed an observation hive of live bees while children made bee antennae to wear. A number of club members were also on hand to answer beekeeping questions. After the Farmers’ Market Mary Smith, Phillip Conner and Jim Smith demonstrated the process of getting honey from the hive to the bottle.

Find more information about the Wood County Beekeepers’ Association on Facebook or online at .

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