UT Tyler Program Seeks Rural School Problem Solvers


The University of Texas at Tyler recently announced that it has received a $865,963 grant from Greater Texas Foundation and partnered with other higher education institutions to enrich mathematics education in rural East Texas.

Dr. John Lamb, UT Tyler associate professor of mathematics education, has partnered with professors from The University of Texas at Austin, Sam Houston State University and Stephen F. Austin State University to create the Advancing Inquiry in Middle Mathematics (AIMM) for Rural East Texas program. 

AIMM for Rural East Texas is a two-year program designed to study content taught in middle and high school mathematics courses to help better prepare students for post-secondary success. 

"We believe that change in education happens at a regional level, which is why our research and recruitment is focused on rural parts of East Texas," Lamb said. "Rural Mathematics students are not achieving at appropriate levels, and our program seeks to build strong problem solvers through intensive work with teachers."

The program is recruiting 105 math teachers (grades 5 -10) from rural areas surrounding each partnering higher education institution. Teachers interested in participating in the program may email Lamb at jlamb@uttyler.edu.

To stay updated about the program, follow @AIMM4ETX on Twitter. 

For more information contact Beverley Golden, bgolden@uttyler.edu or 903.330.0495.

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