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Finally, after many requests for a book by the Official Winnsboro Historian, Bill Jones, it is here. Compiled from the many articles and columns that Bill has written over the years for area publications, the book chronicles the history of the town from the earliest years to the present. The Winnsboro Center For the Arts (WCA) is proud to host the launch party on Saturday, May 20 from 10a.m. to noon, where there will be books available to purchase for autographs. Bill has been a supporter of the center since its inception, and he met there regularly with Maryann Miller to work on the book, so it is fitting that he be honored there.

Bill and Maryann wrote the Images of America:Winnsboro book that was published by Arcadia Publishing in 2013, and it was while they were putting that book together that the idea for doing one with more narrative was born. “Bill told me how many people had been asking him if he was ever going to have his own book,” Maryann says. “So, I said I would be happy to work with him to get one published. We were not able to get much of his stories in that first book, as it is primarily pictures, and it’s great that this book is primarily narrative. Although it does have a section of pictures.”

Bill Jones has deep roots in Winnsboro and is proud of his heritage. He has always had an interest in history, and when he came back to his hometown after working elsewhere for a number of years, he started learning about the history of this area. He helped form the Wood County Preservation League, and soon started placing historical markers in significant places in and around Winnsboro. “It is important for people to know about those moments in time and the people that made them important,” Bill says. “And I am proud to be a part of preserving the history.”

Reflections of Winnsboro is published under Maryann Miller’s publishing imprint, MCM Enterprises, and is available locally at the Winnsboro Emporium and the Gallery Gift Shop at WCA. 

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