November 2018

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Give Yourself a Break From Holiday Stress

There’s help for those who feel overwhelmed by the holidays — both before they arrive and after they pass. County Line Magazine turns to Scott Martin with the East Texas Stress Reduction Clinic in Tyler for guidance.


Lee Harvey Oswald's Other Victim Became a Texas Hometown Hero

On November 22, 1963, the day JFK's fateful motorcade journeyed through the Dallas streets, Tippit was on routine patrol as a Dallas police officer. Within an hour of the president's assassination, Tippit's chance encounter with the alleged assassin cost him his life -- but also helped narrow the search that eventually led to the arrest of the key suspect, Lee Harvey Oswald.


The East Texas Origin of the Friendly Word Texas

The word "texas" itself actually came from American Indians living in what is now the Upper East Side of Texas.


Stallings Led the Way for County Extension Services

As a result of Stallings' success, there are 250 Texas-based and 2,900 national county extension offices.


Texas Oil History Includes Delta Drilling

At its peak, Delta operated 59 domestic drilling rigs and six foreign onshore rigs and was one of the largest land-based, private, contract drilling firms in the world.