Houston is Grateful for Assistance from Texas Neighbors


Photo courtesy of Department of Defense

We are very proud of our Northeast Texans helping our South Texas neighbors, and not surprised by the heartfelt generosity of our people. From many of our firefighters and individuals who are down in the trenches to musicians and many, many others holding fundraisers and online funding efforts to groups putting together care packages and delivering tons of water and other supplies, there's no shortage of ways to help all around us. 

For individuals wanting to help directly to Houston, the official city of Houston site is http://www.houstonemergency.org/disaster-recovery/.  

While many of our South Texas friends, family, and associates are barely getting started on the long road to recovery, there is some good news coming out of Houston. Mike Waterman, president of the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau reported yesterday that they are running at 100 percent capacity as are multiple other facilities. 

More than 500 hotels in and around the Greater Houston area are up and able to operate at full or close to full capacity. 

Both airports opened Wednesday to limited capacity and expect to be at full capacity by next week.

The Astros are planning a three-game home series against the Mets this weekend — a big win for the city, Waterman says.

Houston's mass transit system METRO is up and operating at limited capacity.

Waterman says, "The real story post Harvey will be all the amazing first responders and neighbors helping each other through this amazing unprecedented event. The amount of hospitality offered from both Houston and this amazing state has been overwhelming. We are and will remain grateful."

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