Winners in Popular Quilt Show Announced


Quiltmaking is alive and well — based on the number of warm entries in this year’s  Quilt Show contest, sponsored by the Mineola League of the Arts (MLOTA).

“We usually have over 100 quilts, and this year was no exception as we had 122 quilts entered along with some quilts for special displays,” said Sharon Robertson.  “The quilts entered in the show were beautifully quilted and showed real talent for imagination in finishing.”

The Quilt Show Choice Award Winners are: 

  • Best of Show: Nancy Risk of Marshall with her quilt design titled “Grandma’s Garden”
  • The Meredith Foundation: Lynn Astumian of Mineola with “Seaside Rose
  • Mayors’ Choice: Janet Tanner of Hawkins with “Nowhere but Texas”
  • Judges’ Choice: Barbara Sutton of Alba with “Photo Quilt”
  • Fiber Arts Award: Trish Stuart of Emory with “Flowering Sun”
  • Show Challenge: Peggy Arbuckle of Mineola with “Garden Path at Midnight”
  • People’s Choice:  Lynn Astumian of Mineola with “Seaside Rose”
  • MLOTA Memorial Award: Lynn Astumian of Mineola with “Seaside Rose”

Here are the Quilt Show favorite winners:

Small Quilts: Intermediates: 1st place Jan Copas, Tyler, with “Wyoming Valley;” 2nd Reta Myers, Mineola, with “Lavender in My Garden;” 3rd Trish Stuart, Emory, with “Oh My Stars and Garters;” Advanced: 1st Place Connie Putman, Wills Point, with “Happy;” 2nd Missy Duke, Como, with “My Favorite Cabin;” 3rd Missy Duke, Como, with “Country Christmas;”

Bed Quilts: Intermediates: 1st place Nancy Risk, Marshall, with “Wreath of Roses;” 2nd Janet Tanner with “Civil War (Sampler);” 3rd Anna Wylie, Denison, with “Jacob’s Ladder;” Advanced: 1st Place Barbara Sutton, Alba, with “French Braid;” 2nd Lynn Astumian, Mineola, with “Seaside Rose;” 3rd Lynn Astumian, Mineola, with “Voices of the Past”

Special Techniques: Intermediates: 1st place Diane Pitkin, Mineola, with “Field of Flowers;” 2nd Peggy Arbuckle, Mineola, with “Garden Path at Midnight;” 3rd Diane Pitkin, Mineola, with “A Patchwork Year”

Beginner Quilt:  Intermediates: 1st place Lydia Morrison, Quitman, with “Flower Power;” 2nd Gloria Cooledge, Runaway Bay, with “Hexagon Quilt;” 3rd Lorine West, Alba, with “Maggie’s Bouquet”

Miniatures: Advanced: 1st place Nancy Gibson, Lindale, with “Orange Peel;” 2nd Nancy Gibson, Lindale, with “Blooming Nine Patch;” 3rd Margaret Lucht, Marshall, with “Tree of Life Sampler Blue”

Youth: 1st place Adelia DeFriend, Frisco, with “Butterfly”

Quilted Home Décor: Intermediates: 1st place Trish Stuart, Emory, with “Red Hat Fairies;” 2nd Trish Stuart, Emory, with “Poppy Flower Sun;” 3rd Betty Byford, Mineola, with “Fold and Stitch Table Wreath”

Hand Quilting: Intermediate:  1st place Virginia Mayo, Coke, with “Coke/VFD Fire Department;” 2nd Betty Napier, Mineola, with “My First Quilt;” Advanced: 1st Place Nancy Risk, Marshall, with “Grandma’s Garden;” 2nd Nancy Gibson, Lindale, with “Dragon’s Garden;” 3rd Nancy Gibson, Lindale, with “One Patch Half Hexagon”

Show Challenge: Best of Show:  Peggy Arbuckle, Mineola, with “Garden Path at Midnight;” 1st Place Debbie Hall, Lindale, with “Wild Flowers;” 2nd Kathy Grabill, Alba, with “Seasonal Birdhouses;” 3rd Gaye McNett, Mineola, with “Stacked Pots”

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