East Texas State Fair Sets New Security Measures


The East Texas State Fair has announced new regulations concerning items allowed to enter the fairgrounds effective this year. The new rules are part of an effort to keep visitors safe and are similar to rules set by other events, stadiums, and fairgrounds across the nation.

The 103rd annual East Texas State Fair runs September 21 through 30 in Tyler.

Beginning this year, the fair will be using metal detector wands and bag searches to aid in the enforcement of rules prohibiting potentially hazardous items.

These items include permitted and non-permitted firearms, knives, or other weapons, tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, oversized bags, ice chests/coolers, pets, obscene material, unauthorized marketing, drones, hover boards, and non-permitted golf carts. The fair management asks everyone not to bring any of these items to the event as you will not be admitted into the fairgrounds.

In addition to prohibited items, certain bags will now be subject to being searched. This includes backpacks, drawstring bags, large purses, diaper bags, and tote bags.

Registered service animals and other items related to a medical condition are allowed.

The East Texas State Fair continues to focus on the safety and security of its visitors and participants through the heavy use of security cameras, armed security officers, and a working partnership with the Tyler Police Department, who actively monitors the area. The new rules will strengthen the security of the event, ensuring everyone a safe and enjoyable experience at the fair.

For more information, visit www.etstatefair.com.

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