Girl Scouts Encourage Kindness for Silver Award


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Two Bullard, Texas, Girl Scouts have given back to their community as a part of their Girl Scout Silver Award. 

Avery Hicks and Shea Graham are just beginning their 9th grade year at Bullard High School. The pair was tasked with completing their Silver Award, which requires a 40-hour project that will have a lasting effect on their peers and community. They are Senior Girl Scouts with Bullard Girl Scout Troop 5750.

There are many badges and awards that a girl scout can earn throughout her journey. Three of the most important accomplishments are the Bronze Award, Silver Award, and the Gold Award. 

While the girls brainstormed for ideas, they were inspired by their 8th grade Spanish teacher, who would routinely send out positive and encouraging thoughts throughout the week. The girls knew that they wanted to continue to share this influence which led them to the development of the kindness project.

The girls researched and found other schools that had brightened up student bathroom walls with inspirational and encouraging quotes. Middle school, as we all know, can be a tough couple of years and sometimes a little encouragement results in a smile and drive to keep going.

The girls began planning in April 2018 by discussing the project with the Bullard Middle School Principal Kenley Dover, who allowed them to dawn the middle school’s bathroom walls with their creativity. The girls enlisted the help of talented local artist Elaine Vorster to help them bring their concepts to life. Vorsters’ artwork has been showcased at Valerosa Art Gallery, Tyler Junior College, and UT Tyler.

Together they worked to make the project a success.

Girl Scouts of Northeast Texas serves nearly 35,000 girls and 16,000 adults in 32 northeast Texas counties. In March 2012, Girl Scouts celebrated its 100th Anniversary and move into its second century of building women leaders with unique programming and leadership opportunities.

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