New Life for Lufkin's Pines Theater

The Angelina Arts Alliance is pleased to announce a new partnership with the City of Lufkin for the artistic and cultural programming of the Pines Theater beginning January 1, 2019.

The Angelina Arts Alliance is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to enrich, entertain and educate by presenting and promoting the performing arts. Since 1997, the Arts Alliance has demonstrated success in programming rich and culturally diverse, quality performances at the Temple Theater. The Arts Alliance is governed by a board of directors and serves on average about 7,000 adults and 10,000 children each year through its performing arts series and educational programs.With almost 20 years of artistic programming experience, the Angelina Arts Alliance will provide its expertise in creating cultural experiences for the Pines Theater as part of a three-year agreement with the City of Lufkin.

As part of the new agreement, the Arts Alliance will promote Pines Presents Series events and program events, sell tickets, oversee the general execution of events and recommend best practices. Working in partnership with the city convention staff, the Arts Alliance will bring a wealth of industry knowledge and a mission-based approach to building communities through arts engagement. The city convention staff will continue to manage and oversee all Pines Theater rental events.

“The arts are critical to the vitality of every community and we are thrilled to be part of a greater vision for Lufkin by expanding our mission to enrich the community through the performing arts," says Jennifer Allen, executive director for the Arts Alliance. "This mission to enhance the cultural offerings in our community will also support the city’s effort to draw more people downtown."

The Arts Alliance will seek community input as it begins to program its first full season of the Pines Presents Series, which will debut in January 2020. A series of community talks will be held at the Pines Theater to discuss programs and the role of the arts in community development.

For a list of upcoming shows and concerts at the Pines Theater, or for more information, visit

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