Bring in the New Year in Roaring 20's Style

People across the nation are preparing to “roar” into 2020 on New Years Eve with Roaring 20’s themed parties.

100 years ago, the Roaring ‘20s began after World War I, which ended November, 1918. It was a period of sustained economic prosperity, dramatic social rebellion and political change. Old values were overturned and woman felt liberated and empowered. It was a time of celebration and big changes.

This time of celebration is what party planners are honing in on to welcome in the new '20s. Expect to see "flapper" costumes and lots of fun at these parties.

Some places to celebrate in Roaring 20’s style in the Upper East Side of Texas this New Years Eve are:

1920s Comedy Murder Mystery Dinner at The Mansion. Gladewater. Walker Manor Bed & Breakfast, 214 E Commerce, (903) 845-7054,

Auntie Skinner's Roaring 20's New Year's Eve. Jefferson. Auntie Skinner's, 107 W. Austin St., (903) 665-7121,

Roaring Twenties New Years Eve Bash. Edom. Edom Art Emporium, 8281 FM279, (903) 920-2323,

Check for more information on these and other New Years Eve parties bringing in the year 2020.

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