Chasing Wildflowers

Dana Goolsby

Some people might say, wildflowers are just the weeds we have learned to love, but others travel far and wide to take in the natural beauty of wildflowers. Take your perennial passion on the road in the Piney Woods this spring.

Piney Woods wildflowers are showing up across the region, making April the perfect time for a spring road trip. Bluebonnets, Indian Paintbrushes, sunflowers, coreopsis, Indian Blankets, Mexican Hats, primrose, coneflowers, phlox, beebalm, and many other species are brightening East Texas highways and backroads.

Photo by Dana GoolsbyThe communities of Linden, Avinger and Hughes Springs host the Wildflower Trails of Texas. The celebration includes the Wildflower Trails of Texas Festival in Linden and will be held April 28, 2018. Travel the 40-mile triangle among the three cities, or expand the trip into a 130-mile exploration of Northeast Texas wildflowers by adding the towns of Atlanta, Karnack, and Marshall.

The Henderson Department of Tourism offers a map of three driving routes to explore Rusk County’s history and scenic beauty during blooming season. Travel between Henderson, Kilgore, Mt. Enterprise, New London, Overton, and Tatum to see Mother Nature’s spring color show on display.

East Texas wildflowers will bloom now through much of the summer, with some even lingering until fall. Don't wait too long to get on the road if you are partial to Bluebonnets, as they only last a few weeks. 

PRO TIP: ALWAYS look to see what might be lurking beneath the wildflowers before you venture in for photos, and NEVER trespass.

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