City of Tyler Wins Texas Historical Commission Award

On hand for the award ceremony were (left to right) John L. Nau III, Texas Historical Commission; Stephanie Franklin, City of Tyler; Amber Rojas, City of Tyler; Carol Kehl, Smith County Historical Society; and Mark Wolfe, Texas Historical Commission.

The Texas Historical Commission (THC) has recognized the City of Tyler for accomplishments and exemplary leadership in the preservation of Texas’ historic places. This is the first time the City of Tyler has received an award from the THC.

The Anice B. Read Award of Excellence in Community Heritage Development, named in honor of Anice Read, former THC and founder of the Texas Main Street Program, is an award that traditionally recognizes an individual or organization for exemplary work in community revitalization, preservation planning and protection, or heritage tourism which significantly advances the impact of historic preservation in Texas.

The award recognizes Tyler as one of Texas’ earliest communities to initiate a municipal preservation program. Tyler’s many accomplishments in community heritage development include the Half Mile of History and Subject Marker programs, and Tyler’s renowned Azalea Trails and Rose Garden, which attract more than 100,000 visitors each year.

Tyler was acknowledged for its six districts and 22 individual buildings listed in the National Register of Historic Places, as well as 124 locally designated landmarks.

“Receiving this award was such an honor for all those involved in promoting and advocating historic preservation within Tyler,” said Amber Rojas, historic preservation officer and interim Main Street manager. “This award provides the recognition Tyler has worked so hard for and reassurance that our community remains a leader in the field.”

The City of Tyler was designated by the THC as a Certified Local Government in 1994 and a Main Street Community in 1990.

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