Mineola Madness Mountain Bike Race Begins Saturday Evening, July 20

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 iTRI365® is pleased to announce the 2019 Mineola Midnight Madness Mountain Bike Race, beginning 6 p.m. Saturday, July 20 and finishing 6 a.m. Sunday, July 21. 

The first ever Mineola Midnight Madness Mountain Bike Race is a nighttime event beginning at 6 p.m. with a 6 or 12 hour window to log as many laps around the trail as possible, as an individual or part of a team. The approximately 10-mile trail winds through the Mineola Nature Preserve. A portion of the proceeds for this event goes to the Mineola Nature Preserve.

Planned trail: Start/finish area is near the main entrance of the Mineola Nature Preserve. It loops from the pavilion through the archery area and the beehive, cross the rail trail onto Apache Cutoff up to the Hub. A port-a-potty and hydration are provided at the Hub. The trail then heads down the Old Tyler Highway to the Double Bridges intersection. A connector trail leads to Turkey Island Trail / Palmer Trail, then back onto the lower end of the rail trail (Canoe Launch Trail), which is followed north to the Dr. John Thomas Bridge. In case of high water, either the River Bottom Trail or the Old Tyler Highway will shorten the loop connecting to the Dr. John Thomas Bridge. Another port-a-potty and hydration station are at the bridge. Next, continue on the Mustang Trail to Alligator Loop (note the alternate divergence depending on water levels) and up to the Greer Hill single track. Another port-a-potty and hydration station are on Greer Hill. Descend from Greer Hill on the Zeppa Well Trail to London Bridge, then on either Chestnut or Duncan/Buckskin Trails to Navajo, toward Pullen Pond and up the hill to the pavilion. Approximate loop distance: 8-9 miles. Actual distance and route will be mapped and finalized once the area is dry enough to ride.

The event location is the Mineola Nature Preserve, 1860 County Road 2724, Mineola.

For more information visit iTRI365.com.

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