Ben Wheeler

Ben Wheeler, first settled in the 1840s, followed the same basic curve of growth and decline that many small East Texas towns experienced. But then a renewal began a few years ago when retired businessman Brooks Gremmels and his wife, Rese, started the Ben Wheeler Arts & Historic District Foundation and began to restore old buildings and turn them into restaurants and shops with the intention of returning the town to its 1935 look, to bring new businesses, and to inspire a new community-friendly attitude and sense of pride back into the area through events, festivities, and other social projects.

Ben Wheeler has two thriving restaurants, Moore's Store, and The Forge, that feature great menus and live music five days a week. Several quaint shops line the small downtown street.

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East Texas Jazz Orchestra. Ben Wheeler. 5.25.19

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Ben Wheeler Events

May 25, 2019

Anna Stockdale

May 30, 2019

Hudson Northcut

May 31, 2019

Jennifer Sullivan

Blueberry Picking
June 1, 2019

Blueberry Picking

A second location, The Berry Bush, is located in Ben Wheeler.

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