New Dining Experience Coming to Downtown Denison

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The RailYard incubator’s developers are working to give multiple prospective restaurateurs a chance to gain exposure and experience in downtown Denison. Inside their building will be six mini kitchens (food truck sized) and one beer garden available to chefs wanting to test their menus before investing tens of thousands of dollars in a stand-alone restaurant. Their communal dining area will host live bands, game nights, meetings, and events.

As an incubator, their goal is to provide as much foot traffic as possible well as business mentorship to the chefs so they can succeed and sell their meals.

An event venue will be available for rent for live events, parties, game nights, wine tastings, charity events, networking, and sports broadcasted on 80” televisions. Most locations on Main Street in Denison close around 5 p.m., but the RailYard will stay open until 10 p.m. on weekdays and later on weekends.

Plans are to open in a couple of months. They welcome all kinds of people to tour the space every day and they still have one residential, Main Street-facing loft available for rent. They are a nationally registered historical building and have been tasked by the Historical Commission to preserve the historical nature of the building by repurposing old materials and putting them back in during the remodel process. The space will be a mix of old and new, with marble tile, quartz countertops, and all appliances included. The single bedroom loft is 1,500 square feet with a spacious living room, walk-in closets and pantries, two bathrooms, and a staircase leading up to the bedroom.

To learn more about an incubator business model and for more information on this new space, visit

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