December 2018

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Have You Eaten at These Best Restaurant Winners?

In the next several weeks, FEAST Texas blog will announce numerous food and drink winners from the recently-completed Best of the Upper East Side of Texas campaign.


When Mom Makes You Eat Your Broccoli, Ask for Broccoli Fritters

Those who respect ingredients and pair them with their naturally complementing flavors organically create something beautiful and delicious. Garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil — these three ingredients speak to broccoli. They effortlessly pair together to create a simple but seemingly complicated dish.


Oxbow Serves Up Perfect Slices of Pie

Sitting in Oxbow Bakery on a Friday afternoon, guests see a steady stream of customers continues pouring in the front door looking for just the right flavor of heavenly pie.


Vinaigrettes -- Because the Most Important Aspect of Cooking Is Flavor

Two of the most important fixtures in any kitchen are oils and vinegars. Vinaigrettes are fundamental sauces for any cook. Vinaigrettes are used to dress all kinds of salads, from tender green leaves to robust crunchy vegetables and even sweet fresh fruits and thinly sliced raw or smoked fish.


Try the Pie at The Shed Cafe in Edom

On the regular dessert menu at The Shed Cafe in Edom are a variety of pies including Lemon, Chocolate and Coconut Meringue, Blackberry, Peach, Apple, and Chocolate, Coconut, and Reese’s Dream pies.