Oxbow Serves Up Perfect Slices of Pie

Oxbow is located in a renovated mule barn, serving America’s favorite dessert since 2009. RIGHT: Top, clockwise - the interior of Oxbow is reminiscent of an old-fashioned kitchen and several booths allow guests to have a seat to enjoy delicious slices of pie. Three favorites include Buttermilk, Pecan Praline Cream, and Banana Blueberry. Co-owner David Wolfe takes a minute to pose with front counter staff Janis Foster.

Photos by P.A.Geddie and Tracy Torma

Sitting in Oxbow Bakery on a Friday afternoon, guests see a steady stream of customers continues pouring in the front door looking for just the right flavor of heavenly pie.

Nestled along Caddo Creek in Old Town Palestine — a charming district located about two blocks west of the Anderson County courthouse — the Oxbow was built in the 1900s as an old mule barn. In 2009 it was transformed into Oxbow and today it’s operated by a mother-and-son team -- Becky and David Wolfe.

The family bakes 50  to 60 pies each day they are open with both Becky and David preparing family recipes.

Oxbow serves more than a dozen flavors including Chocolate Meringue, Coconut Meringue, Buttermilk, Chocolate Pecan, Pecan, Cherry, Cherry Cream Cheese, Banana Blueberry, Pecan Praline Cream, Lemon Icebox, Chocolate Icebox, Sweet Potato, and Pumpkin and Strawberry in season. Visitors can get a slice for about $3.50 or buy a whole pie for $15 to $21.

The ambience at Oxbow invites guests to sit in vintage booths or out on the front porch. Colorful signs line the walls and old barrels, boxes, and gadgets of old line tables and shelves, taking visitors back to simpler times and a brief escape from life today.

While in Old Town Palestine, planning a meal or quenching a thirst at Pint and Barrel Drafthouse across the street from Oxbow is a must -- exceptional sandwiches and soups plus craft beers and wine.

Next to Oxbow is Wells Creek Crossing, a good shopping destination with an eclectic assortment of home decor, art, lotions, candles, jewelry and more. Cream & Coffee is adjacent offering a full line of coffee and espresso drinks as well as smoothies, chai teas, creamsicles, and Italian sodas.

Across the street from there is The Shelton Gin which features live music, sometimes.

Old Town Palestine was once the industrial center of the town from Indian trading along the creek to cotton processing at the gin. During the 1900s a tin barn there served as the “Illuminary Barn” for the city where the equipment was stored to light the gas street lamps daily before electric street lights took over. Today, the area is a very inviting space for dining and relaxing and of course the perfect place for an afternoon piece of pie.

The bakery is open from 10  a.m. to 5 p.m. Thursday through Saturday at 215 East Crawford Street. Call (903) 723-5100 and visit www.oxbowpies.com for more information.


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