A History of Farm-Fresh Food

The Historic Longview Farmers Market was created to bring Texas produce and farm products to a central location so that a wide variety of Texas' agriculture is easily accessible by the public.

Here's what's available:

  • Fresh Produce: Tomatoes, green tomatoes, lettuce, lettuce mix, kale, arugula, spinach, onions, garlic chives, cucumbers, kholrabi, radishes, baby mustard greens.
  • Farm Fresh: Free-range eggs, free-range chicken, pastured beef,  pastured pork, pastured lamb, natural bacon, and natural sausages.
  • For the Gourmand:  Cinnamon rolls, kolaches, ready to serve Indian food and Mediterranean foods, ready to serve salads, spice mixes,  local honey, jams, preserves, cinnamon rolls, candies, and more.
  • Home and gift: Heirloom tomato plants, basil plants, wood bowls, bottle stoppers, rolling pins, and more.

The Historic Longview Farmers Market is located on the site of the former Kelly Plow Works (at the corner of Cotton and High streets), which was an important part of early Longview's development and growth.  There is a Texas Historical Marker located on the lot at Center Street.

The Historic Longview Farmers Market is a project of Preservation Longview whose mission is to restore, preserve and promote historic Longview. Preservation Longview wanted to create a vibrant and accessible market where local farmers and craftsmen may showcase and sell their goods and products directly to the public; preserve Texas’ unique agricultural heritage by educating the community about local and sustainable food resources; and acknowledge Longview’s historic link to agriculture.

For more information, call 903.738.6373 or visit http://www.HistoricLongviewFarmersMarket.com.

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