Cace Kitchen Reinvents A Favorite

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Cace Kitchen, Longview, offers family recipes for takeout. Operated by Chelsea Cace and her mother Cathy at 415 North High Street, the restaurant’s menu is smaller but duplicates the quality of the former business.

Cace is the successor of Johny Cace’s Seafood and Steakhouse, which closed recently after 65 years of business.

At the "Kitchen," people can pick up pints or quarts of shrimp gumbo, catfish etoufffe or containers of their famous garlic croutons and cheese spread. They also have the corn relish, pickled okra, bread and butter pickles, and cheese crispies many enjoyed at the restaurant.

The restaurant takes special orders with 48 hours notice for items like marinated crab claws, shrimp remoulade dip, white chocolate bread pudding, and chocolate bourbon pecan pie.

Call 903.212.7720 to place an order or swing by their store Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. for takeout.

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