Dinner Club Kicks Off This Thanksgiving Weekend

What better time for a seven-course wine dinner near the holiday that celebrates good food?

BMB Catering, a brand-new business based in Emory, Texas, presents the wine and dine event on Saturday, November 24, at its location, 490 South Texas Street, Emory. The event starts at 6:30 p.m.

The Thanksgiving weekend's wine dinner serves as an introduction to the caterer's newly minted reservation-only dinner club. Reservations are $100 per person. 

The exclusive seven-course dinner also features a unique presentation from local wine stewards Mike and Kim Blake. They will offer complimentary tastings from Texas and California vineyards.

The seven-course meal features:

1st Course: Teriyaki glazed beef skewers with pineapple and red onion

2nd Course: Fresh mint and lime sorbet

3rd Course: Wild mushroom soup garnished with dried porcinis, mascarpone and truffle oil

4th Course: Romaine wedge Caesar salad, dusted with shaved Parmesan

5th Course: Fresh pineapple sorbet

6th Course: Chateaubriand shredded Brussel sprouts with bacon rosemary and sage red potatoes

7th Course: Madagascar vanilla bean brule a la crème

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