East Texas Coalition Signs Resolution

A recently signed joint resolution between the policy boards of the Ark-Tex, East Texas and Deep East Texas Rural Planning Organizations represents the first formal cooperative action of the 35-county East Texas Coalition.

The resolution supports the work of the I-369/I-69 Harrison County/Marshall work group which is tasked to determine options for development of possible interstate route options. The East Texas Coalition was initially endorsed by the ETCOG Executive Committee by resolution in December of 2010 and subsequently endorsed by the East Texas Chief Elected Officials Board in April of 2011.

The overall aim of the coalition is to take rural transportation planning to the next level by coordinating and collaborating on interregional projects.

The joint resolution states that the three RPOs, under the umbrella of the East Texas Coalition, coordinate actions to provide coordinated and prioritized transportation planning for the entire 35-county northeast Texas area.  They support locally determined route options for the I-69/I-369 route through Harrison County and the Marshall while supporting the mission and goals of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) by enhancing safety, addressing congestion and connecting the communities.

"East Texas Coalition members have all said for the first time, 'This is a project we want to endorse,' because it benefits us all," said ETCOG Executive Director David Cleveland. "This collaborative effort enhances the economic development and creation of jobs in each of the regions."

Harrison County Judge Hugh Taylor, an East Texas Rural Planning Organization member and I-369/I-69 work group member, said, "Because of this coalition, we now have a mechanism to collectively get behind projects that benefit multiple regions. This is an excellent example of what elected officials from different regions can accomplish when we all work together. We need more teamwork like this in the future."

For more information, contact ETCOG's Director of Transportation John Hedrick at 903.281.6490 or John.Hedrick@etcog.org. 

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