Bird Sculpture Workshop Scheduled In Athens



Gallery 211 hosts a four-day Bird Sculpture Workshop during two weekends, January 25-26 and February 1-2.

Sessions take place from 10 a.m.-5 p.m. each day and the tuition for this workshop is $250.

John Guest teaches the basic foundation of armature building and working with oil base clays. Bird anatomy, aerodynamics and achieving the illusion of birds in flight are among the discussion topics.

The workshop includes instruction and discussion about creating surface textures, feather shapes and types, as well composition of a sculpture.

Students learn how to construct a strong armature that will support a bird’s extended wing. Each student blocks up an Eagle in flight, and students work from photos, drawings and taxidermy mounts.

All materials and tools required to complete one bird sculpture are supplied for this workshop. The students need only to show up with a desire to play with clay.

After four days of intense work each student gets to take his or her sculpture, additional clay required to complete the work and the tools used during the class. Sculpture stands are provided for the class and may be purchased for $75 each.

The class is limited to 10 students. A deposit of $50 is required to hold a place in the class.

Make checks payable to Art Matters and mail to 211 N. Palestine, Athens, TX, 75751. For additional information, call John Guest at 214.616.6680.

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