Catching up with East Texas’ Eisley


East Texas’ sweethearts since 1998, indie rock band Eisley continues to captivate fans worldwide and mesmerize with their melodious vocals. Continuing on their road of success, the group and its members are growing in more ways than one.

Eisley’s members include Tyler’s DuPree siblings Sherri (vocals/guitar), Stacy (vocals/keys), Chauntell (vocals/guitar), Weston (drums), and their cousin Garron (bass).

Four studio albums are under the band’s belt; their latest album “Currents” released in 2013 and garnered excellent reviews.

After more than 15 U.S. tours and a few overseas, the band persists in beautiful song-crafting and performing. Eisley’s fifth album is currently in the works and if it offers as much mood and groove as their past projects then it is sure to be a hit with fans.

The members’ song-crafting is also spread through some pretty awesome side projects as well.

Perma, comprised of soon-to-be parents of two Sherri and her husband Max Bemis (Say Anything), features the dreamy sound of Eisley with a dash of Say Anything – coming together to tell the tale of a quirky love story.

The youngest DuPree leads the alternative pop musical act Sucre, produced by Jeremy Larson and her husband Darren King (MuteMath). With already a full album release and a wrap on Stacy’s first solo tour, more groovy tunes are expected in the near future.

While Eisley is busy creating another magical mix of melodies, fans can discover the works of Perma and Sucre.

Perma’s first full-length album “Two of a Crime” is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and

Sucre’s album “A Minor Bird” is available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and

Stay up-to-date with Eisley news, events, and future tour dates at 

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