Dallas Author’s Latest Novel Set in East Texas


Following the international and domestic success of “The Family DuMont” action/adventure series with writing partner Austin Wright, Irving-based author Adam Knox announces the release of his first solo novel, “Dyed in the Wool.” It is a story of two killers, a man and a woman, terrorizing East Texas and each other in the mid-1970s.  

“I created the main character, Randal, when I was in college but it took me ten years before I could give the story the attention it deserved,” Knox said. “I wanted to realistically reflect the mindset and abilities of believable killers, and tell a story that would stay with people for a long time because of how real the characters seemed.”

“Dyed in the Wool” was originally written as a feature film script to be directed by Knox before making its way into novel form. “My family has been in the Longview area for decades.  I spent a great deal of time there when I was growing up and I wanted to tell a story that would highlight East Texas similar to the way “No Country for Old Men” highlighted West Texas,” he said.

“We made some progress producing it and were planning on shooting most of it in Kilgore but in the end we couldn’t get the project off the ground. I think it is better as a book, but I would still love to see it on the big screen someday,” Knox stated.   

Even though it is a very dark novel, it did come with a happy twist in the end for Knox and his girlfriend, Sarah, who designed the book’s cover. “I asked her to marry me the day it came out. Using the book’s release as a diversion seemed like a good way to hide any anxiety I was sure to be showing on that day. Luckily she said yes, so even if the book doesn’t sell a single copy it was still be one of the best days of my life,” Knox explained.  

“Dyed in the Wool” is available for digital download on Amazon.com.

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