New Book Released by Ben Wheeler Author


“Drive the Pecos,” the latest book from Ben Wheeler author Dr. Herb Marlow, is now available in e-book form.

This is the second book in the three-book River Series that started with “Trouble on the Bosque;” and end with the not-yet-released “Red River Rising.”   

In “Drive the Pecos,” to sell cattle and make more money to take care of the L Bar family and all of its people, Earl decides to add two hundred head of cattle to Charles Goodnight’s first drive to the Pecos River. It is June 1866, and Texas is struggling to recover from the effects of the War Between the States.

Cattle are not worth much in Texas, but other places are clamoring for beef, and the Goodnight-Loving trail is opened that summer to sell cattle to the U.S. government to feed reservation Indians.

Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in Texas, and Bosque County will not be left out. The L Bar family must fight rustlers, bushwhackers and carpetbaggers to hold onto and maintain the ranch. It appears that things have settled down when the L Bar families, along with Elmer and Flora, start on a trip to Fort Worth.

However, a ruthless banker and some other criminals kidnap Elmer, the women and children, thinking they have put the other three men out of commission. Not so, as Earl, Jimbo and Pablo carry out a rescue and haul the surviving outlaws off to a Fort Worth jail.  

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