Mardi Gras Madness


East Texans who love the mayhem of Mardi Gras celebrations don’t have to head for Louisiana to get a taste of the silliness. Jefferson’s Krewe of Hebe organization has celebrated Fat Tuesday each year since 1989 with its Mardi Gras Upriver festival — three-days of scheduled crazy the weekend before. Bearing a “Mysteries and Masquerades” theme for 2017, the February 24-26 event includes a grand parade, motorcycle parade, children’s parade and ugly dog contest.  A couple of weeks earlier, the social organization hosts its big blow-out, the Queen Mab Ball, and each year, members of the 100-plus-group select their royalty with a carnival-style cake-eating party — distributing King cakes all around and making sure that only one male and one female find a plastic treasure buried beneath the colorful brioche dough and earn the title of king or queen. For more information about Jefferson’s popular event, visit 

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