Awards Include Longview’s McConaughey and Maxwell


Longview natives Matthew McConaughey and Brandon Maxwell are among the honorees of this year’s Texas Medal of the Arts Awards. The full list is announced January 10. The awards take place in Austin February 26-27.

McConaughey is the best-known name of the bunch. He attended high school in Longview before migrating to the University of Texas. In Austin he started acting, appearing in Richard Linklater’s 1993 film “Dazed and Confused.”

Maxwell is a fashion designer to stars like Lady Gaga and First Ladies like Michelle Obama.

“I am grateful to be recognized by the Texas Cultural Trust with a Texas Medal of Arts Award. Having grown up in Longview, Texas; I am honored to receive an award from an organization whose focus is to advocate for equitable access to arts education for students across the state. I hope my work and the work that they do continue to make a difference in the lives of young people everywhere,” said Brandon Maxwell, fashion designer and 2019 Texas Medal of Arts Awards recipient for Design.

The Texas Medal of Arts Awards were created by the Texas Cultural Trust.

“These honorees exemplify the rich tradition that we at the Texas Cultural Trust have built our organization on,” said Texas Cultural Trust Executive Director Heidi Marquez Smith. “We are thrilled to recognize each of their powerful contributions at our tenth biennial event and look forward to seeing their work continue to shape the future of the arts in Texas and beyond,” she continued.

For more information on the Texas Medal of Arts Awards, please visit For more information on the Texas Cultural Trust, please visit or call 512.478.5289.


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