Special Gifts for the Soule


Kindred Soule Marketplace provides shoppers with a warm, calming atmosphere, to find the perfect gifts for those special people in life.

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Best Gift Shop

Kindred Soule Marketplace. Ennis.  This shop supports local small businesses by selling their unique and artfully hand-made gifts. It doubles as an eatery with a warm and inviting atmosphere to keep guests coming back for more yummy goodies and heartwarming gifts. The shop sells items from jewelry and stationary sets to air fresheners, candles, lotions, bath and body care, clothing, things for the kiddies, and special holiday ornamentals. The Eatery serves tea, sweets, farm fresh honey, and other canned goods. 200 W Knox Street #100. (972) 876-4202. www.kindredsoule.com

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