Pulpwood Queens Celebrate Anniversary


It was January 18, 2000, when Kathy L. Murphy opened Beauty and the Book, a hair salon and book store combo in Jefferson, Texas. She started the Pulpwood Queens Book Club and it’s grown to chapters nationwide and in 15 foreign countries.

Each year they hold a Pulpwood Queens Girlfriend Weekend (they invite the Timber Guys Book Club too) that hosts numerous book authors and literacy activities and culminates with the Great Big Ball of Hair Ball.

This year’s 20th anniversary event takes place January 16-18 at the Jefferson Tourism & Transportation Convention Center at 205 E. Austin Street. For tickets and more information, visit www.thepulpwoodqueens.com.

For this big anniversary, Murphy is premiering a new book, “The Pulpwood Queens Celebrate 20  Years.”

It is edited by Susan Cushman, published by Brother Mockingbird and is an anthology full of stories, essays, and poems all written by the Pulpwood Queens and guest authors.

The foreward is by Robert Hicks and afterward is by Jonathan Haupt, Executive Director of The Pat Conroy Literacy Center.

The book’s launch party takes place Friday at the convention and they will have copies there for purchase.

Others can purchase through the website.

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