Spay.Neuter.Now Celebrates First Year



Suzanne Alford of Chapel Hill, Pamela Boyd Bombyk of Chandler, and Frances Whiteside of Whitehouse had years of volunteering for animal welfare causes in states outside of Texas. Individually, they had come to the same conclusion: the ultimate answer to abuse and neglect of dogs and cats is spay/neuter, for when only wanted litters are born, there will be no more homeless. After the three met in East Texas, this mutual conclusion resulted in the incorporation of Spay/NeuterSupport Services of East Texas in July 2011.

One year later, numerous companion animals or feral cats are leading more comfortable lives. The corporation’s first clinic was held on International Spay Day 2012, February 28. The group now offers monthly clinics in Tyler and Mineola, with plans to offer services soon in Lindale.

“Our assumed name and our goal are identical: Spay.Neuter.Now,” said Suzanne, a retired FBI agent who is the group’s president. “We focus on services for dogs and cats that are companion animals to low-income citizens. We have been fortunate to team up with a group of persons concerned for feral cats. They have begun to work with us on trap/neuter/release or TNR, a method successfully used in other states to trap feral cats humanely, sterilize them, and return them to their colony.”

Veterinarian Dr. Lynn Foster worked with a state-wide TNR project in Florida before moving to Texas. She brings her mobile surgery van to the clinic sites on second Fridays in Mineola and last Fridays in Tyler.

“We could not have started clinics so soon without Dr. Foster,” said Suzanne, “and we are equally grateful to the business owners who have opened their premises to us: Al Horaney of Horaney’s in Tyler and Heidi Hoke of Vitae Pondera Health and Education Center in Mineola.”

Suzanne also credits other East Texas veterinarians who encouraged the group and the established spay/neuter clinics in surrounding cities that mentored the volunteers of Spay.Neuter.Now.

“We got management tips and hands-on experience at clinics in Gun Barrel City, Nacogdoches, Longview, Crandall, and other sites. Because these clinics are weekly, we offer callers to 903.590.0435 information on their locations and services when our next monthly clinics are full.”

The corporation’s first year has been financed by donations from individuals, a grant from the Helen S. Boylan Foundation, and garage sales, with the next sale scheduled for September 1. The corporation has a traveling fundraiser in the form of a two-act comedy about a dog who talks.

“’Sylvia’ is a delightful comedy by A.R. Gurney, best known for his two-person play, ‘Love Letters,’” Suzanne said. “We are fortunate to have the talented Hannah Morris of Actors Preparatory Exchange directing the play and acting the role of Sylvia, the dog who talks to the audience. We’re a completely mobile troupe ready to perform anywhere from a theater to someone’s living room, as long as we have a local sponsor who will share the ticket sales with Spay. Neuter. NOW.”

For more information, go to or call 903.590.0435.


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