Uncle Juan's and Luigi's Open in Atlanta


The downtown region of Atlanta, Texas, has been booming with new businesses opening their doors. Of these new businesses, Uncle Juan’s Mexican Restaurant and Luigi’s Italian Restaurant are a couple of the local’s favorites that have rejuvenated the town’s development.

“We have a couple new businesses in the downtown area,” Lisa Thompson, Head of the Atlanta Chamber of Commerce said. “I think that anything that stays open later than five is a benefit because it gets people to walk around and utilize the space and buy things, which is good for our economy.”

Several people in the Atlanta community are dedicated to the betterment of the downtown area. Whether they are business owners or supportive citizens, they understand the importance of stimulating the town’s economy and making Atlanta’s downtown appealing to consumers.

“It is always good to be part of a team,” Thompson said. “I came to the Chamber of Commerce in November, and right away, I could tell there was a synergy going.”

Due to teamwork and willingness to succeed, Uncle Juan’s and Luigi’s are not the only establishments that have recently celebrated Grand Openings.

“Other businesses that have opened in Atlanta include Sunday’s Best Soda Fountain & Gift Shoppe, Subway Sandwiches, Roman’s Pizza, and the Mexican restaurant, El Jimador,” Thompson said. - By 

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