Zipline Thrills Await Guests in East Texas


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There may be very few who associate East Texas with thrill-seeking. However, the activity of ziplining (some would call it sport, though I’m not sure that’s accurate) has become increasingly popular in recent years, especially in this region. Zooming around beautiful countryside on nothing but a thin cable is fun it seems and a few places qualify for the distinction of most-desired locales for tourists and residents alike.

First on deck is Adrenaline Rush in Jacksonville offering visitors the second-longest line in Texas (1700 feet), whisking them along at a brisk 45 mph over some of the most beautiful scenic views the state has to offer. 

Only one of the lines Adrenaline offers does not traverse over water, a feature many visitors relish.

The company also offers night-time ziplining, a unique feature among similar organizations. The adventurous have the opportunity to experience the feel of ziplining without the view. Although the view may seem to be the point, rushing above the darkened Texas skies by wire is a challenge many find intensely exciting.

Further, visitors who are paying to zipline may camp on the property for free, provided they clean up after themselves. Fishing is also encouraged, though the activity is catch-and-release only.

Of note, also, is Wired, home of Texas’ tallest towers and longest ziplines. Though primarily known for Trade Days, Canton offers one of the best ziplining experiences in the state. Those interested can take a virtual tour on the company’s website from the safety of their keyboards. With the largest ziplining tours available, this feature alone will encourage those of a more adventurous spirit to visit the wonderful town of Canton and perhaps also avail themselves of the city’s premier shopping.

Located in LaRue is New York, Texas ZipLine Adventures. Rated as one of Texas’ best adventure tours, New York offers guests six ziplines among one of the highest elevations in the state.  Both critically and popularly acclaimed, New York is sure to offer its patrons one of the best experiences available.

And finally, for those interested in not only the experience, but the history behind the company as well, there is Thomas Falls Zipline in Diana. Not only is the experience unique, so is the story behind the site’s establishment. Located near Longview, Thomas Falls not only has their exciting zipline, it is also one of the only places to offer a wagon ride to the ziplining platform.

A labor of love for approximately 20 years almost everything on the property is built from the land itself or recycled materials. Talking with the owners may turn out to be just as thrilling as the ziplining experience itself.

Each of these locations offers a unique experience fun for the whole family. Instead of just zipping about Texas, zipline above it at one of these truly outstanding locations.

For more information, visit Adrenaline Rush-, Wired-, New York-, and Thomas Falls-

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