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Many people take advantage of the summer months by cleaning out closets, and preparing for the year ahead. Some donate goods to stores like Goodwill and area thrift stores, while others look for something else for that designer wear that just didn’t quite work out. Many people in East Texas sell these items to resale stores around the area and they shop those stores too as they know they can restock their closets there as well.

There is a difference between resale stores and consignment stores. Consignment stores take items from people, sell them, and return a portion of the profit to the contributor. Resale stores buy items — mostly cash on the spot — and then resell them and keep the profit.

There are a number of resale stores all over the Upper East Side of Texas. Tyler has quite a few with some big name stores such as Clothes Mentor and Plato’s Closet. Clothes Mentor buys and sells upscale women’s clothes, shoes, accessories, and even designer perfume. It pays cash on the spot. Plato’s Closet is similar, but buys and sells upscale clothing for teens and young adults. Both stores buy and sell gently used items. Both buy only laundered and nicely folded items.

In Mineola is Prior Attire, an upscale women’s resale store.

In Longview, check out Elite Repeats and Boutique to replenish the wardrobe. For a new job, these resale stores may be just the place.

In Rockwall is Kid to Kid, a children’s resale shop that buys and sells children’s clothes, toys, bedding, and pretty much anything needed to outfit a baby. With the way children grow, resale is a great way to recoup some of the money spent on clothing and items they may wear for a few months or only play with for a few days.

Another trend that is making a showing in the region is consignment sales events. These sales are different from the resale stores in a few different ways. They still only take gently used, current merchandise. However, these sales happen only twice a year or so, for a few days span, and sellers actually consign items. That is, they place the item in the sale, price it, and then if it sells, they receive a portion of the profit.

There are two major consignment sales that happen in the East Texas area, both in Tyler, both consigning children and pre-teen merchandise. The Children’s Consignment Sale caters to more than 900 East Texas families buying and selling everything from maternity clothing to outdoor playground equipment. It has three days of shopping for each sale, featuring a presale for volunteers as well as a half price sale the last day. This sale actually has a global impact, as the sale donates unsold items to orphanages, schools, and other global and local organizations. Its next sale is September 12-14. For more information, go to

New to the area is the Just Between Friends (JBF) sale. JBF is a twice-a-year sales event where hundreds of moms (and some dads) get together in one place to sell their outgrown children’s and maternity items and make up to 75 percent profit, as well as shop for (almost) new items. It has an online tagging system that is very fast and efficient, and helps with drop off and pick up.

Consignors have the opportunity to donate their remaining merchandise  at the end of the sale to local charities — those selected this year are Living Alternatives Building Blocks Program and the Ben Wheeler Children’s Library. It also supports the East Texas Food Bank on its prime time shopping night.

Their premiere event is August 8-10 at the East Texas State Fairgrounds. Entrance fee is a choice of one of the following options: five canned goods, $5 cash, or a coupon for free admission. East Texas JBF will match donations to the East Texas Food Bank. Sign up to sell or just find more information at

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