Sweet Pea Bistro Creates Delicious Farm-Fresh Sandwich


The Sweet Pea Bistro, located in Athens on the square, has a delicious treat for the summer.  A mozzarella, tomato and basil sandwich that combines garden-fresh Saxon Tomatoes from Ben Wheeler and handmade mozzarella cheese from the Mozzarella Cheese Factory in Deep Ellum for one delicious sandwich.

The Saxons sell their tomatoes from a stand in Ben Wheeler located on Highway 279.  Behind the scenes, however, these delicious tomatoes are being shipped all over the state, including some to the Sweet Pea Bistro in Athens.  E.L. and Mary Jane Saxon started the business in 1950 and today, it is run by their children Gary and Stacy.  What makes these tomatoes so good?  “The soil they are planted in and the fact that they are picked and shipped fresh off the vine,” Mr. Saxon says.  

The Mozzarella Cheese Company, located in Deep Ellum in Dallas, is the creation of chef Paula Lambert.  Paula studied in Italy, and when she returned home, the main thing she missed was fresh mozzarella. At this time in 1982, no one even knew what fresh mozzarella was, so she decided to start her own company. Over the years, her cheeses have become famous and featured in Food & Wine, Gourmet, and The New York Times.  They’ve been served at the Academy Awards, as well as to presidents and royalty. 

When these tomatoes meet this cheese with some fresh basil on a sandwich, you are in for a real treat. 

The Sweet Pea Bistro is located at 119 E. Tyler in Athens. Learn more at www.facebook.com/sweetpeabistro.

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