Wills Point Depot Museum Houses Town’s History


Ine Burke

Wills Point Depot Museum is a historical museum that houses a collection of artifacts, documents, and photos from the city’s old businesses, institutions, households, agricultural and railroad industries.

The brick building itself was the third depot, or train station, that once operated in Wills Point. It was built in 1927. The main entrance of the museum leads to what used to be the waiting room. The main wall in the room is the eye-catcher. It is covered by old business signs that used to flourish in Wills Point and a painting in the middle.

Words not often seen or spoken these days like haberdasher and millinery take visitors back in time. Looking closely at the signs visitors notice they are actually painted on one piece of huge cloth that used to be the theater backdrop in the 1926 Majestic Theater across the railroad tracks from the depot.

The museum is currently open by appointment only. It is located at 210 W. South Commerce Street (Highway 80). For enquiry and appointment call Pat Mitchell, (903) 873-4568.

See more of Ine Burke’s photography at inegaleri.com.

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