Denial: DVD Review


How does someone prove that the Holocaust actually existed, that Nazi Germany murdered six million Jews, gypsies, and homosexuals during World War II? That’s the odd task American professor of Holocaust studies Deborah Lipstadt, played by Rachel Weisz, faces when Hitler historian David Irving, played by Timothy Spall, sues her for libel. In U.S. courts, the burden of proof is on Irving; in England, where the case is tried, the burden is on Lipstadt. Based on an actual case and directed by Mick Jackson, the formidable actress’ character is the less sympathetic character for much of the movie. Her adversary, Spall, is multifaceted and seemingly emotionally vulnerable because his living — writing his books and speaking mostly to fringe, supportive groups — is at stake. Spall was nominated as best supporting actor in a 2016 movie by both the AARP Annual Movies for Grownups Awards and the Denver Film Critics Society. The big question in the well-reviewed Denial is this: Are my facts just as valid as your facts?

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