Geddie Releases Two New Books


East Texas author Tom Geddie has published the ninth book, Under a Forever Sky, in his character-driven Desert Magicians series and a new book of free verse poetry, A Secret Traveler’s Private Notes.

The novel series follows the friendship between elite young women, elite scholars, and elite athletes Magan Marshall and Jonnie Meadows from high school through college far away from home into adulthood. One now teaches anthropology and the other is a counselor and executive director for the not-for-profit Guadalupe Wilde Society, which the girls – and just about everybody else now – calls the Wilde Bunch. One is now married and has a precocious four-year-old daughter; the other is the godmother. Both have — as most people do — matured and changed in the past 10 years without losing the cores of who they are.

“Once the characters ‘tell me who they are,’ I toss a few pebbles and, from time to time, a couple of boulders in their paths just to see how they react,” Geddie says.

In the series, one faced a horrendous, personal trauma in high school that still shapes her life, but the pain has eased through the years. The other has learned more about herself, and the friendship persists.

Readers praise the series.

“This particular series is profoundly compelling,” said educator Ariel Marie Furman Cooksey. “I was honestly floored by the authenticity of the characters and the power of their stories.”

Geddie’s eighth poetry collection, A Secret Traveler’s Private Notes, draws similar praise.

Bookstore owner Marquette Herring called the work “kind of blue and cool, like jazz blown in from somewhere not so far from here.”

Singer-songwriter Amanda Shires said the poetry “crashes me like a computer.”

Singer-songwriter Nathan Hamilton wrote that “Tom Geddie’s poetry falls somewhere between Wallace Stevens’ subtle layers of thoughtfulness and the blunt, brutal grit of Bukowski.”

Geddie’s output includes 29 books, including four in a related novel series, five collections of short fiction, two memoirs, and a collection of “Americana, Texas” columns he wrote for Dallas-based Buddy Magazine. To order books search “Tom Geddie” on

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